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Welcome to the BrownTrout Photography Submissions Website!

2020 has begun, and we want to talk about 2022 already! “Give me a break!” is what I imagine you might be saying. But either way, it’s time for our 2022 Call for Submissions. If you want your photography to be considered for the 2022 BrownTrout product line, it’s time to prepare your submissions.

We Appreciate Your Good Work

We are grateful for all of the beautiful photography that crosses our monitors. Each and every day, we have the pleasure of reviewing thousands of images. Fortunately, we have very talented Photo Editors, with years of experience, that absolutely love looking at each and every photo…searching for the perfect image. Thank you for that opportunity, and for your good work.

Welcome to First-Timers

If this is your first email from us, welcome to BrownTrout Publishers, Inc. Thank you for contacting us or signing up on our website. For over 30 years, we have been designing, publishing and distributing popular and award-winning calendars around the world. Every year, we send out a Call for Submissions and invite hundreds of photographers world-wide to submit their best work.

It’s Time to Submit

So here’s the bottom line: it’s time to submit your work for our 2022 product line.

The packet contains five key documents:

1. Guidelines Acknowledgment

2. 2022 Photography Submission Guidelines

3. 2022 Digital Photography Requirements

4. Frequently Asked Questions

5. W-9 Form: Request for Taxpayer Identification Number (now required with submission)

We need to know your submission intentions as soon as possible. We must receive a signed Photography Submission Guidelines Acknowledgment form and your completed W-9. The Acknowledgment gives us clear instructions from you regarding your image storage, as well as your copyright/credit data. Also, our auditors require us to have a new W-9 on file each year, before we can issue payment (download W9). We have also provided a sample invoice template for your convenience (download sample invoice).

Read Guidelines Thoroughly

Be sure to read our Photography Submission Guidelines and Digital Photography Requirements thoroughly. These are important documents to understand. You must agree to all terms before we will accept your submission. (Unfortunately, we cannot make any exceptions.)

We have made no major changes in our guidelines and requirements this season, including rates and payment terms. Our Digital Photography Requirements have a few more details, and many questions are answered in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document. The earlier you send us your acknowledgement form, and submit your photography the better chances you will have in getting published!

Image Size Reminder

Submitted images must be 12.25″ on the shortest side, 300 dpi and have complete metadata. (See complete details in the enclosed Digital Guidelines and FAQs.

How to Contact Us 

We get many emails every day, so please be patient with us. Before you email us with questions about the 2022 Call for Submissions process, please thoroughly read the entire 2022 Call for Submissions Packet. For anything else, please write to us at, allowing several working days for a response. (Please DO NOT post your questions or feedback on our Facebook page.) We can also email you a 2022 Submissions Packet upon request.

As we move into our 2022 editing season, once again we’ll be looking for stunning imagery for our new calendars. Whether you are new to BrownTrout or an “old-timer” we’re looking for new perspectives and fresh angles this year, while keeping our commitment to the highest quality possible.

So bring it on! Send us your very best today. 

Thank you for visiting the BrownTrout Photography Submissions Website.

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